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Short Term Rental Management

Short term rental management, this rapidly growing and lucrative industry, is a great segway into a new career for those that love hospitality and seek to build a solid business as a host. Todays Traveler loves the Airbnb/Vrbo® experience; the short term rental industry is not going anywhere, anytime soon.  

As an industry expert, I am will help you build a thriving short term rental business.  If you are just starting out or an established short term rental host I can help you increase your profits while streamlining your operations. Short term rentals are not easy but, there is plenty of money to be made with the right consultant on your side.

I have managed over 300 short term rentals -- I have built a process to help other short term rental managers scale their operations to build a solid and profitable short term rental business.

  • ​Overall Short Term Rental Market

  • Regulations

  • Setting up a successful short term rental (It is the little things)

  • Setting up your profile on the various Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

  • Setting up your ads on various (OTA)

  • Strategies to Price your listing correctly 

  • Various software tools to help manage your portfolio of homes

  • Insurance options

  • Accounting and Trust Accounts

  • Guest communications

  • Calendar management

  • Interviewing and hiring the right operations team

  • Keeping your pulse on the market and competition

  • Being a good neighbor

Ready to take your investment the next level?