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Moving to a new city is stressful; moving to a new city without a job can take the stress to a whole new level. Julie, incredibly confident in everything she does, took on this challenge with the gusto she applies to everything she does. Her approach to finding a job was not about landing that amazing career opportunity but to find viable employment with benefits that would allow her to continue to search for the perfect opportunity and also allow her to obtain her real estate broker license in TX. She still held her Broker license in CA which may bring opportunity to continue to serve her clients there (just a 3 hour flight away). As the consummate salesperson, she found a sales opportunity with an upstart internet social media marketing firm selling websites and social media marketing services. They paid a salary plus commission and had benefits so she jumped on-board.

She was immediately the top salesperson in the company and maintained that position until she left several months later when it was clear that the company was not going to make it and a new opportunity arrived to become the regional business development manager for the largest vacation/short term rental management company in the world and open the Dallas market for them. During this time, she obtained her real estate broker license in TX, closed a $1.15M condo in Corona Del Mar, CA, and began establishing KistlerGroup in TX. With a W2 job in hand and her real estate brokerage kicking off and Carl's retirement income, they decided it was time to start looking for a more permanent home. Knowing that it is hard to obtain a mortgage without proven W2 income, it was key for her to become an employee of a company to show the lender that she had regular paychecks coming in. We also only wanted to qualify for a mortgage based on W2 income and retirement income so that commissions from real estate and sales commissions were not used for qualification. We had seen many people in CA become house-poor when the over extended the credit line to include income that was sporadic.

Tactical and strategic decision need to be taken into account whenever you are relocating, accepting job positions, or making decision about where to live. Those short term decision, need to dovetail into the longer term strategic plan for your life an career. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you cannot see how something being done today will benefit you in the future. Our time in Big Bear was that experience in life that seemed to have been a major mistake at the time but turned out to be the transformational experience that launched us to Dallas and allowed us to create the amazing life we have today.

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