Gotta Get Our Stuff from Here to There

The worst part about moving is moving. We underestimate how much stuff we have and how hard it is going to be to get it all packed up, loaded, transported, delivered, and put away. We have moved 10 times in 10 years (why you ask? that is a story for another time.) and we still don't quite understand the scope of what needs to get done. This move from CA to TX was going to be different. We researched hiring a mover to do it all, just load transport, and unload, renting a truck, and finally settled on U-Haul U-Boxes. We have a Ford F150 4x4 with a crew cab so we decided I could drive from Big Bear to San Bernardino, pick up a couple U-Boxes, load them up and deliver them back to U-Haul for transport to Texas.

After arriving at U-haul the attendant loaded up the two U-Boxes on the trailer and off I went up the mountain. It was really windy that day and I had to struggle to keep the trailer and truck moving straight. Up the winding road to Big Bear I went.

We loaded the trailers up the next day and back down the mountain I went. Upon arrival at the U-Haul facility he attendant asked me, "Who loaded these boxes on the trailer?" I told him some other attendant. He pointed out to me that they had not been strapped down and he was surprised that they had not tipped over on the road. That was a bit unnerving and I made sure the next two boxes were secured. I had estimate that we would need 4 to 5 U-Boxes to get everything packed. It took 6 U-Boxes, the back of my truck, the passenger seat and the crew cab along with the entire Ford Fiesta that we also owned to get all our stuff packed and ready to go. Way too much stuff for two individuals.

U-Haul transported the U-Boxes to a facility in Lewisville since we had not decided on where we were going to live by the time the boxes were loaded and delivered to U-Haul in CA. Our trip to TX was an enjoyable three day drive while we stopped at Flagstaff, Grand Canyon National Park, Meteor Crater National Monument, and one night in Amarillo where it smelled really bad from the stock yards north of town.

Upon arrival in Dallas, we took single U-Haul U-Boxes from storage to unload in a storage unit and then brought 2 U-Boxes at a time to our apartment where we hired some movers to come move the household goods from the U-Boxes to our apartment. We had strategically loaded the boxes so that we knew which ones would end up in the storage unit and which ones would come to the apartment. Of all the moves we have made, this was certainly the smoothest.

Next up will be cleaning up loose ends.

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