Right People / Right Seat

During a recent conversation with a prospective client I was asked: “I have an employee that is not performing all of her job functions, do you have any suggestions on what to do? I’m thinking what I need to do is change her job title and give her less to do. I am just not sure how to go about holding her accountable.”

I asked him if he had an accountability chart for all the positions in his company? He told me he had an org chart. I explained that an accountability chart is similar but not the same as an org chart.

An accountability chart is a structured diagram of all the functions in the organization and the roles that each function has within the organization. It is not a chart of the people in the organization and how they relate to each other (this helps remove any emotion or preconceived perceptions of people).

I then asked him if he had a written list of the core values of his company. He did not. I explained to him that it would be best to meet with his leadership team to have a discovery conversation about the company core values. Once this is written down then he can use those core values as a subjective way to evaluate each person in his company to see if they align with the company core values.

Once this is done you’ll know who fits with the company and have a list of the “Right People”. Then the leadership team should go through the process of mapping those “Right People” the the accountability chart. This accomplishes getting the Right People in The Right Seat.

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